SARC is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Sarcoma SPORE by the National Cancer Institute.

What is SPORE?
SPOREs (Specialized Programs of Research Excellence) are five year grant programs awarded by the NCI.  SPORE grants involve both basic and clinical/applied scientists and support projects that will result in new and diverse approaches to the prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of human cancers.

Go to to learn more about the NCI Translational Research Program.

The SARC Sarcoma SPORE
This SARC Sarcoma SPORE will provide the infrastructure for sarcoma translational research.

The SARC Sarcoma SPORE is anchored by multiple researchers from SARC, Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center, The University of Michigan and the NCI intramural program and includes key individual researchers from Stanford University and Columbia University. It is composed of four projects, listed below.

PROJECT 1: Histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDACi)-based therapeutic strategies for the treatment of genetically complex soft tissue sarcoma
Co-Leaders: Dina Chelouche Lev, MD and Shreyaskumar Patel, MD
PROJECT 2: Identification of therapeutic windows for NF1-related malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor
Co-Leaders: Yuan Zhu, PhD and Laurence Baker, DO
PROJECT 3: Investigating G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) as biomarkers of aggressive disease and novel therapeutic targets in Ewing sarcoma
Co-Leaders: Elizabeth Lawlor, MD, PhD and Rashmi Chugh, MD
PROJECT 4: Development of quantitative imaging biomarkers for assessing response to sarcoma therapy
Co-Leaders: Jeffrey Yap, PhD and Lawrence Schwartz, MD

Additionally, the SARC Sarcoma SPORE includes Administrative, Tissue and Pathology, Clinical Trials and Biostatistics Cores to support these projects, as well as a Career Developmental Program and a Developmental Research Program.

This SPORE joins state-of-the-art research projects with the multi-institution, collaborative strength of SARC and commitments from leading institutions to produce translational advances.

SARC is now accepting applications for the SARC Sarcoma SPORE Developmental Research Program and the Career Developmental Program.