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2015 Career Development Award Recipients Announced

Congratulations Dr. Masanori Hayashi and Dr. David Van Mater
SARC is pleased to announce Dr. Masanori Hayashi and Dr. David Van Mater as the 2015 SPORE Career Development Award recipients.On Friday May 29, Dr. Richard Gorlick and Dr. Lee  Helman, co-chairs of Career Development Award Committee, announced recipients of 2015 awards.

The work of investigators will complement the depth of sarcoma translational research and help ensure the continual renewal of high-quality scientific endeavors in the SARC Sarcoma SPORE. Dr. Hayashi’s research focuses on studying circulating tumor cells, CTC, and circulating tumor DNA, ctDNA, in a novel orthotopic implantation/amputation model system of Ewing’s sarcoma that generates spontaneous metastases; whereas Dr. Van Mater will explore the potential role of RAS activation and Nf-kB signaling in a model of soft tissue sarcomas, with an emphasis in RMS.

Both recipients were presented with the awards at SARC’s ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago.