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Heartfelt Thanks......

from SARC

As we reflect upon 2016, we recognize that SARC is a collective effort impacted by the generous support we have received. We are very grateful for the generous donations to support our SARC mission to provide a collaborative infrastructure to make progress in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sarcoma.

It is through collaborative efforts that we make progress.  This year we completed the first study of a new immunotherapy drug in sarcoma which has shown benefit to specific subtypes of sarcoma. This support has helped to fund the important correlative research which will aide us understand the characteristics of those who may benefit from this treatment.  While an individual project may cost several millions of dollars, by pooling our resources together we can complete important research together!  

Know that each and every day we are working diligently to help patients with sarcoma.

We wish you all the very best in the coming holiday season and in the 2017 New Year!

Denise Reinke, President and CEO