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SARC was awarded a Sarcoma SPORE by the National Cancer Institute in 2012 – we are proud of the fact that this is the first SPORE to be awarded to a nonprofit consortium of academic researchers, and only the second sarcoma SPORE ever to be awarded. The SPORE (Specialized Programs of Research Excellence) program is a National Cancer Institute (NCI) grant program designed to promote collaborative, interdisciplinary translational cancer research.

Researcher conducting study

Supporting New Approaches

The NCI’s five year SPORE grant programs involve both basic and clinical/applied scientists and support projects that will result in new and diverse approaches to the prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of human cancers. The SARC Sarcoma SPORE engages pediatric and medical oncology and includes translational projects that are coordinated across various academic institutions bringing together the brightest and best of sarcoma research.

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Apply for SARC Sarcoma SPORE Funding

The SARC Sarcoma SPORE includes a Career Development Grant and Developmental Research Award program. Individuals committed to careers in sarcoma research have an opportunity to apply for funds annually.

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