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Address:24 Frank Lloyd Wright, PO Box 406, Ann Arbor, MI   48106-0406
Payment Address:SARC, PO Box 406, Ann Arbor, MI   48106-0406
County:Washtenaw County
Congressional District:MI-012
Type of organization:Non-profit, 501 (c) (3)
Date of Incorporation:10-3-2003
IRS tax exemption:Letter dated  10-15-2003
Federal Employer I.D.# or EIN:86-1087705
Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code #:36NB6
NAICS Code #:541715
Participant Identification Code (PIC#):990863925
DUNS #:186146911
Federal Wide Protection of Human Subjects Assurance #:FWA00009483
Institutional Profile #:10021144
Indirect Cost Rate Agreement:11/23/2021
Cognizant Auditor:Arif Karim
Department of Health and Human Services
SARC’s Wire Information:Bank of Ann Arbor
Routing # 072413735
Account # 100023720

Last updated May 11, 2023

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