Have a clinical trial idea?

SARC is a consortium of sarcoma centers and researchers with over 15 years’ experience in coordinating multicenter phase I, II & III clinical trials. SARC is a study sponsor and coordinator, similar to a contract research organization (CRO). SARC is not a funding source and does not have the capacity to independently finance the conduct of trials.

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Do you have a fully developed trial concept and secured funding?

If so, please complete the SARC Concept Proposal Form.

  1. If you have questions about this form, please reach out to concepts@sarctrials.org
  2. Once the form is submitted you will receive an immediate acknowledgement of receipt
  3. Concept Review Committee (CRC) leadership (Drs. Lara Davis & Sandra D’Angelo) will complete an initial review. Primarily, this review will focus on feasibility and rationale.
  4. You should receive an initial response letter within two weeks of submission

Do you need help developing your concept, establishing a rough budget, and applying for funding?

If so, we can help! Please reach out to concepts@sarctrials.org. Depending on your needs, we may recommend:

  1. Completing a Biostatistics Consult Form. This will be reviewed by SARC Biostatisticians and returned to you within two weeks.
  2. Completing a Budget Estimate Form. This will be reviewed by SARC Finance and returned to you within one week.
  3. Completing a Concept Proposal Form. This process will be the same as above. If needed, the response letter may be used as a Letter of Support for grant applications or other funding requests.

Do you have an idea but don’t know where to start?

We can help connect you with potential mentors, collaborators and industry partners. Please reach out to concepts@sarctrials.org.

Request For Proposals

SARC welcomes any sarcoma-relevant phase (I-III) clinical trial idea. In addition, SARC may announce requests for proposals on this website and through our social channels.

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