SARC works collaboratively with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to explore the potential benefit of new agents. We have designed and conducted trials to assist in developing new drugs. We have conducted phase 1 trials with selected centers, and we have partnered on pilot phase 2 studies as well as registration phase 3 studies for FDA approval.


Collaborating to Cure Sarcoma

Because of the rarity of sarcoma, making progress in translational research requires the collaboration of many partners. SARC is unique in its ability to bring together the network of participants and components necessary to bring clinical trials to reality, through an ongoing process of discovery, development and delivery for delivering new and better options.

Sarcoma Patients
Laboratory and Clinical Experts
Research Infrastructure
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Patients with sarcoma
  • Need better treatments
  • Seek sarcoma clinical experts
Experts in Sarcoma
  • Recognize the value of collaboration
  • Seek better options for their patients
Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies
  • Interest in developing new compounds and drugs
Research Infrastructure
  • Laboratory expertise with assays, cell lines and mouse models
  • Expertise in key components required for quality clinical and laboratory conduct
  • Data repository of clinical research
Delivery of New and Better Treatments
  • Moving forth scientific understanding of sarcoma
  • Supporting the application for approval of new drugs
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