SARC is dedicated to fostering progress in the treatment of sarcoma to improve patient outcomes, and ultimately find a cure.  SARC is one of the few organizations focusing on all types of sarcoma.

SARC was formed in 2003 by the sarcoma research community to bring together the best cancer centers and researchers in the world.  Amongst other accomplishments, SARC has completed 21 innovative clinical trials, with six more underway.  SARC’s unique ability to promote collaboration and unity among the leading sarcoma researchers ensures great accomplishment.


Microscope and vial

Every day, our community of researchers, investigators, scientists, sarcoma centers, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies are working together in the development and support of clinical trials.


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SARC can help you. We’re committed to helping bring together sarcoma specialists dedicated to laboratory research and clinical studies. 

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