We invite sarcoma clinical and research centers worldwide to join the Sarcoma Centers Registry.

SARC was founded to facilitate collaboration among leading cancer centers, researchers, and clinicians – all dedicated to a coordinated and strategic approach to finding a cure for ALL sarcoma types. SARC is developing the Sarcoma Centers Registry to support sarcoma patient decision-making and provide a much needed resource for sarcoma patients, caregivers, and clinical communities across the globe. All centers included in the Registry must meet objective, qualifying criteria.

We ask interested sarcoma centers to submit the application form below. Centers meeting the qualification criteria will then be asked to provide detailed sarcoma program information and key metrics for the Registry.

Sarcoma Centers Registry

The new Sarcoma Centers Registry replaces our previous list of sarcoma centers.

What is the Sarcoma Centers Registry?

The Sarcoma Centers Registry is an annually updated database of sarcoma institutions, centers, and practices around the world. Our goal is to provide patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other sarcoma stakeholders a comprehensive resource to help them identify sarcoma specialist centers by:

  • Location
  • Subtype of sarcoma treated
  • Adult or pediatric patients
  • Active tumor board
  • Number of sarcoma patients seen per year
  • Number of clinical trials

As well as additional information such as program resources, physician statements, and related publications.

Criteria for acceptance to the Sarcoma Centers Registry include:

  • A sarcoma medical group consisting of all specialties, including surgical, orthopedic, medical, and pediatric oncologists; radiologists; pathologists; and oncology nursing as well as rehabilitation services.
  • Treat significant number of sarcoma patients annually.
  • Holds or has access to regularly scheduled, multidisciplinary tumor boards for considering sarcoma cases for clinical decision making and interventions.

In addition, academic and community research centers who see over 70 sarcoma patients per year may be invited to become a SARC Consortium Member. About the Consortium

Application Form

If you are a sarcoma center interested in joining the Sarcoma Centers Registry, please fill out the application form below. We will contact you via email regarding the review, approval, and final registration process.

Name of institution/center
Name of institution/center
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