SARC has banked human biospecimens from sarcoma patients participating in our clinical trials into a single biorepository. The SARC Biospecimen Bank consists of thousands of specimens that are well-annotated and linked with patient clinical, treatment, and outcome data. This collection is designed to help qualified sarcoma investigators or organizations gain access to specimens to explore biomarkers, identify therapeutic targets, or make discoveries.

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Specimen Details

High quality biospecimens available from various procedures and clinical laboratory assessments include:

  • Frozen and fresh tissue
  • ​Unstained slides
  • Tissue blocks
  • Blood
  • Serum
  • Plasma

NOTE: Specimens are only available from trials that are closed (e.g., from trials that have completed analyses of endpoints) and the results published, although there may be rare exceptions.

Current Inventory

A current SARC Biospecimens Bank inventory list is available.

Please contact us at


To be considered eligible to access the SARC Biospecimen Bank, investigators must:

We are especially interested in developing technologies that may be tested in a prospective multi-institutional group setting.

Eligible organizations may include:

  • Domestic for-profit or nonprofit, public or private institutions (e.g., university, college, or hospital)
  • Units of state and local government
  • Eligible agencies of the federal government
  • Foreign institutions


Investigators should budget for all aspects of proposed research, including technical support, supplies and equipment, specimen preparation and shipping, as well as investigator and research staff salaries.

Limited SARC funding may be available, but outside funding is suggested. If funding has been secured, documentation must be provided with the application (award letter required). If you are applying for grant support, SARC will provide a letter of support including commitment to samples if funding is secured. SARC will partner with investigators to explore funding options.

In general, specimens are released only after and if the protocol-specified correlatives and primary endpoint(s) for the trial have been met.

Application Evaluation Criteria

Reviewers consider each application independently according to the following criteria:

  1. Extent to which the proposed study addresses an important translational problem
  2. Degree to which the project will impact the understanding and treatment of sarcoma
  3. Whether the project is designed appropriately to provide answers to the research questions
  4. Originality and level of innovation
  5. Availability and appropriateness of the tissue request
  6. Research credentials of the investigative group
  7. Laboratory/clinical methodology and statistical design

Application Submission Deadlines

Applications may be submitted at any time.

How to Apply

Request samples by completing our Biospecimen Access Application Form and submitting the form to


  1. We will confirm availability of tissue with SARC staff
  2. If the proposal is found feasible, the project’s scientific merit will be assessed
  3. Comments/questions are forwarded to investigators as necessary to move applications posed; through the review process. Conference call discussion is routine to vet proposals and prioritize tissue allocation
  4. Final determination of the review will be provided to applicant
  5. NOTE: Investigators should allow at least one month for the entire review process.

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