We have compiled a significant number of radiographic imaging studies from two of SARC’s larger clinical trials, SARC011 and SARC021, into a data imaging repository. This bank of images is linked to clinical data and available to all sarcoma investigators. We invite you to use these resources for further exploration and the generation of new ideas in sarcoma research and understanding.

xray image of human rib cage, spine, and shoulder

Available Inventory

The SARC Imaging Resources data bank offers data sets from SARC clinical trials.

Phase 2 Trial of IDG-1R

Phase 3 Trial of TH-302

For an overview of current inventory download this document.

Using the Data Sets

Have an idea for a study that calls for SARC imaging resources? We’d like to know about it. Please contact us at sarc-uds@sarctrials.org for details on using our data. 

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