Sarcoma advocacy groups are an integral part of our community. SARC works closely with the greater sarcoma advocacy community, which includes many groups spanning a broad spectrum of sarcomas as well as subtype-specific groups. Together, we’re working to build awareness about sarcoma, resources available to help patients and their families, and opportunities to support sarcoma research and clinical trial participation.

SARC has collaborated to help establish the Sarcoma Coalition and the SARC Research Advocacy Council.

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Sarcoma Coalition

The Sarcoma Coalition is a coalition of many individual sarcoma advocacy groups from around the country working toward a common purpose: to come together to explore common interests and foster a cohesive vision for serving the needs of sarcoma patients and their families. Sarcoma Coalition member organizations leverage collective strength in order to make greater impact in meeting the needs of sarcoma patients, families, and research communities.

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Learn more by visiting the Sarcoma Coalition website

SARC Research Advocacy Council 

The SARC Research Advocacy Council was created using the model established by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for engagement of patient advocates to become “research advocates” across four key functions: advise, design, review, and disseminate. A number of individual patient advocates have agreed to serve as research advocates on the SARC Research Advocacy Council. The council convenes regularly to explore opportunities to interface with researchers.

 Logo: SARC Research Advocacy Council

Learn more by visiting the Sarcoma Research Advocacy Council Facebook page