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Baker, Laurence DO

Laurence H. Baker, DO
University of Michigan
Award Year: 2015
Project title: Can heart disease be predicted in young survivors of osteosarcoma using morphomics and/or coronary artery calcium scores? - Leader
Dr. Laurence Baker is  a Professor of Internal Medicine and Pharmacology at the University of Michigan and serves as the inaugural Collegiate Professor of Developmental Therapeutics in Oncology. He has recently turned his attention to survivorship issues of patients treated for cure of a sarcoma. In October 2014, in collaboration with Dr. Monika Leja, he established the first Sarcoma Survivorship Program as a joint clinic of medical oncology and cardio-oncology emphasizing the two major adverse outcomes: recurrent cancer and acquired heart disease. Dr. Baker's interests include caring for patients, medical education,  clinical trials, and new drug development.