Lisa De Young

Lisa De Young
Patient Liaison & Administrator, Sarcoma Coalition; International EHE Support Group

Lisa De Young was honored to join the SARC Research Advocacy Council in 2019, as part of the inaugural committee. Since the first meeting launched in October 2019, the members of this council have strived to become better patient advocates by building relationships and fostering collaboration in research and clinical trials- elevating the awareness of sarcoma. These efforts have brought a stronger voice to sarcoma patients and families at the national level and are improving patient outcomes.

Lisa is a founding board member of a sarcoma non-profit foundation she helped create in 2015, serving two terms as Director of Patient Services. She continues to serve an active international patient-led community on social media supporting those living with EHE (epithelioid hemangioendothelioma).

Located in 78 countries across the globe, Lisa is focused on connecting patients to experienced sarcoma specialists and clinical trials. Her passion and inspiration come from the extraordinary patients and families she meets daily under the most difficult of circumstances. In addition, Lisa continues her patient advocacy mission by serving on the Steering Committee for the Sarcoma Coalition. Together-we can push the needle forward to cure sarcoma!

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