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Resources for Researchers

SARC’s resources include access to the SARC Biospecimen Bank, SARC Clinical Data Repository, SARC Imaging Resources, and the sarcoma drug response portal. We help multi-institutional research happen. Our aim is to be the catalyst for true translational research, ensuring that bench-to-bedside studies are translated to treatments or therapies for medical practice.

For more information, please contact the SARC Office.  

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SARC Biospecimen Bank

The SARC Biospecimen Bank is designed to help qualified sarcoma investigators or organizations gain access to de-identified specimens to carry out projects that may explore relevant biomarkers, identify novel therapeutic targets, or make other translational discoveries. The SARC Development Therapeutics Committee (DTC) invites applications to conduct translational research using these materials.

Learn more about the SARC Biospecimen Bank.


The National Cancer Institute performed a screen of 100 FDA-approved compounds and 345 investigational agents in 63 human and pediatric sarcoma cell lines. Gene expression and miRNA expression is also available. 

See results published at NCBI.
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