Please note: This new Sarcoma Centers Registry map and listing will replace our previous list of sarcoma centers. Access past content here. Over two dozen sarcoma centers have submitted details for the Sarcoma Centers Registry out of nearly 90 known centers. Additionally, several other centers are either in the process of submitting or are being actively encouraged to do so. While some sarcoma programs have been approved and listed, they have yet to complete the detailed program information required for the registry. During this transitional phase, we are committed to serving the sarcoma community by continuing to provide access to the previous SARC Centers list, which includes nearly 90 sarcoma centers. However, please note that this list will not feature the detailed program information that will be included in the broader Sarcoma Centers Registry. As we continue to build this new database we invite all sarcoma centers to apply and register.

The Sarcoma Centers Registry is a database of sarcoma institutions, centers, and practices worldwide. Centers can be filtered by pediatric and adult care and each center has a summary page with detailed information including useful telephone numbers.

All centers included in the Registry meet objective, qualifying criteria and share our commitment to sarcoma research through collaboration. Centers indicated as SARC Consortium Members have a collaborative research agreement with SARC. About consortium members.

Dr, Patrick Grohar

SARC037 Progress Announced at ASCO 2024

Dr. Patrick Grohar presented the SARC037 findings at ASCO 2024. The results suggest that EWS::FLI1 is a target for Ewing sarcoma and the combination of trabectedin/irinotecan is active in treatment-refractory Ewing sarcoma patients.

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Jessica Lowenstein, M.S., DABR and Hannah Nguyen, M.S.(RS), CMD

Sarcoma Centers Spotlight

In this SARC Sarcoma Centers Spotlight we feature Jessica Lowenstein, M.S., DABR, a medical physicist, and Hannah Nguyen, M.S. (RS), CMD, a medical dosimetrist, both of whom work at RQA Lab and IROC Houston located at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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David Kirsch


SU2C has made additional funds available for SARC032 so that we can increase the sample size and power of this randomized, ongoing trial from 102 to 126 evaluable patients. SARC032 …

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