Jessica Lowenstein, M.S., DABR and Hannah Nguyen, M.S.(RS), CMD

Jessica Lowenstein, M.S., DABR, a medical physicist, and Hannah Nguyen, M.S. (RS), CMD, a medical dosimetrist, work at RQA Lab and IROC Houston located at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Their role in the SARC032 trial is to evaluate the machine output at institutions participating in the trial, as well as evaluate retrospectively the patient dosimetry of all patients treated on the SARC032 trial. The machine output is verified remotely by using OSLD. Patient dosimetry is evaluated by performing analysis of the DICOM image data and radiation treatment plan. They evaluate the dose coverage to the target volumes and organs at risk volumes. They verify that the dose to these volumes is per protocol guidelines. If the minimum plan criteria, as stated in the protocol, are not met they engage with the institution to explain the issue and help rectify the discrepancy for future patients placed on the SARC032 trial. Their overall goal is to make sure patients are treated per SARC032 trial guidelines and any deviations are kept to a minimum.

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