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The Chondrosarcoma Foundation has contracted with Zah Outcomes Research to conduct thefirst complete statistical analysis of the Chondrosarcoma Patient Registry.

The analysis will focus on detailed patient profiling. In addition, patient characteristics between diagnosed/determined chondrosarcoma subtypes will be compared and statistically evaluated. The primary study outcomes will aim to describe the profile of chondrosarcoma patients thoroughly. This will include demographic characteristics (age, gender, residence, ethnicity, health plan, education, employment, income), medical history (personal and family history of cancers, bone conditions, comorbidities, pregnancy), and treatment exposure (type, regimen, efficacy outcomes, adverse events, discontinuation, clinical trial enrollment). Chondrosarcoma characteristics will be analyzed, including diagnosis date, type, symptomatology, diagnostics, and misdiagnosis.

We encourage all sarcoma specialists to reach out to their patients who are diagnosed with chondrosarcoma and ask them to enroll in the Chondrosarcoma Patient Registry.

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