Photo of Caralynn Hampson and Dr. Lara Davis

Dear Friend:

My name is Caralynn Hampson and I am SARC’s Research and Development Intern. I’m also a Ewing sarcoma survivor, and future biostatistician. Thank you for supporting SARC. Not only are you supporting cancer research, but you are also supporting the talent development of oncologists and researchers. 

SARC’s Career Development Award helps the best and brightest oncologists research sarcoma. My oncologist, Dr. Lara Davis, was a recipient of SARC’s Career Development Award in 2016. I’m incredibly grateful for her expertise and that SARC was able to support her research. She is a phenomenal doctor and because of donors like you, SARC can continue improving sarcoma patient outcomes through research, collaboration, and talent development of oncologists. Thank you for donating to SARC.


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