Denise Reinke

This year will mark a change for SARC, as I have decided to step down as President & CEO. I have been privileged to be a part of SARC from its inception in a variety of roles, having served as President & CEO for the past 6 years. While formally incorporated in 2003, SARC more informally began to take root in 2000. A “twinkle” of an idea has taken hold and here we are 20 years later, thanks to many. Larry Baker, a SARC Founder and initial President & CEO of SARC, as well as my mentor, taught me that leadership changes can strengthen an organization. Hence, in order to facilitate a thoughtful and smooth transition, avoiding an urgent/emergent situation, I have been working with the SARC Board to carefully plan out this process.

We have retained Korn Ferry to help identify candidates and guide the next steps. Given the COVID pandemic the process has been a bit delayed. We are hopeful that we can identify a new CEO/President late summer/early fall.

A time of transition can be invigorating and provide an opportunity to reaffirm and/or modify the course for achieving aspirations. Thank you for your continued support of our mission to improve outcomes for sarcoma patients and their families. I look forward to assisting SARC’s leadership at this important juncture. I will remain President & CEO through the selection and transition. At that point I will work with the team in a reduced capacity which will afford me time to enjoy my children and grandchildren as well as continue to support SARC’s efforts.

Should you have any suggestions in terms of possible candidates and/or have interest yourself, please contact Heather Kopecky, PhD, MBA, Senior Partner, Korn Ferry at Of course, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or thoughts you would like to share.

Kind regards,

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