We help multi-institutional sarcoma research happen. Our aim is to be the catalyst for true translational research, ensuring that bench-to-bedside studies are translated to treatments or therapies for medical practice. We also foster collaboration between investigators and industry to promote the development of preclinical and clinical research concepts.

If you have any questions about working with SARC or using the SARC Resources for Researchers, please contact us.

Resources for Researchers

SARC’s resources include the SARC Biospecimen Bank, SARC Clinical Data Repository, SARC Imaging Resources and the sarcoma drug response portal.

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Generating New Ideas

We are committed to helping bring together sarcoma specialists for potential collaboration. Have an idea in sarcoma research? Submit a concept.

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SARC Clinical Trials

Our community of researchers, investigators, scientists, sarcoma centers, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies are continually working together in the development and support of clinical trials. The SARC directory provides a list of clinical trials.

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Partnering With Industry

Because of the rarity of sarcoma, making progress in translational research requires the collaboration of many partners. SARC welcomes the opportunity to explore various types of partnerships and ways to meet the needs of our partners in collaboration.

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