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The SARC Research Advocacy Council (RAC) was created using the model established by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for engagement of patient advocates to become “research advocates” across four key functions: advise, design, review, and disseminate. A number of individual patient advocates have agreed to serve as research advocates on the SARC Research Advocacy Council. The council convenes regularly to explore opportunities to interface with researchers. To learn more about the RAC, please click here.

SARC’s Research Advocacy Council membership has grown since November 2023 to include the following new research advocates:

  • Carolyn DeWalt GIST Survivor/Advocacy and Engagement Specialist for The Life Raft Group
  • Jeffrey Kramer President, Chondrosarcoma Foundation
  • Meegs Lund Sarcoma Survivor/Patient/Caregiver Advocate
  • Rita Pecuch Patient/Caregiver Advocate
  • Valerie Stevenson Patient/Caregiver Advocate
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