Rare Disease Day 2019 was marked on February 28 around the world and at the NIH with a special day filled with opportunities to meet wonderful people committed to making progress for people facing rare diseases. This is the first year the program included a rare cancer panel discussion. Denise Reinke, CEO of SARC was honored to join the panel lead by Dr. Abby Sandler which included Drs. Karlyne Reilly, Jack Welch, Corrie Painter and Mr. Jim Palma. The panel had the opportunity to discuss the challenges and strategies for overcoming obstacles for those who are working to make progress. Inspiring day, inspiring group of attendees and so much work to be done.

“Rare diseases and rare cancers share some of the same issues. Coming together is a big first step forward,” said Denise.

If you missed the webcast or couldn’t attend, the program was recorded and can be viewed starting at the 3:16 mark here: https://videocast.nih.gov/Summary.asp?File=27346&bhcp=1.

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