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Who We Are

We are researchers and investigators at sarcoma centers working together with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to achieve breakthroughs in sarcoma – to help improve patient outcomes, and ultimately find a cure.

The SARC organization is set up as a directorship, and the organization’s overall strategy and policy is guided by members of the board. Our scientific platform is established by leaders who are recognized experts in sarcoma research. Within this organizational structure we are positioned to bring together the range of expertise needed to move the science of sarcoma forward to develop new and better treatments for patients with sarcoma.

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President & CEO

The role of the SARC President & CEO is to ensure that our mission and vision are put into operation every day. The President & CEO works with the Board of Directors to establish a strategic direction and is accountable for seeing it through. Additionally, the President & CEO plays an active role in bringing together the scientific leadership, research platform, collaborative infrastructure, staff, and support essential to SARC’s work.

Denise Reinke, MS, NP, MBA

President & CEO

Board of Directors

Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, SARC’s policies and strategies are established and refined on a regular basis. Our board consists of individuals from a range of backgrounds and areas of expertise to ensure that different viewpoints are represented as strategies are crafted to support SARC’s mission. The board meets quarterly, and as needed, to conduct the important business of SARC.

McHenry Tichenor

SARC Chairman of the Board of Directors

Deborah Buks

Board Member

Lee Helman, MD

NCI Liaison to the Board

Raphael Pollock, MD, PhD

Board Member

Mark Thornton, MD, MPH, PhD

Board Member

Timothy Timmerman

Board Member

Scientific Leadership

SARC’s scientific platform is established and implemented by leadership comprised of experts in the areas of laboratory or clinical research from SARC Centers or SARC Core Centers around the country. SARC scientific leadership committees generally meet every three months, or more frequently as needed. View all scientific leadership committees.

Karla Ballman, PhD

SARC Statistical Consultant

Rashmi Chugh, MD

Chair, Concept Review Committee

David Kirsch, MD, PhD

Chair, Developmental Therapeutics Committee

Robert Maki, MD, PhD

Director of Translational Research

Scott Okuno, MD

Medical Officer and Chair, Clinical Trials Review Committee

Shreyaskumar Patel, MD

Chair, Clinical Research Committee

SARC Operations Office

The team of individuals at SARC’s operations office provides the range of expertise needed to support the organization’s scientific leadership and sustain the infrastructure necessary to facilitate the conduct of research.

Corliss Beard, BS, MBA

Finance Manager

Charlene Calcagno

Manager Administrative Services

Sharmaine Castillo, BS

Research Project Manager

Jennifer Eberhart


Tammy Jenkins, AABA

Executive Assistant

Rachel Luchs, BS

Research Project Manager

Kristen Nuyen, AM, BA

Research Project Manager

Lauren Shipman, JD

Contracts & Human Resource Manager

Matthew Wladkowski, MS, RAC

Research Project Manager